Product of the Month
June Product of the Month - Move Active Grip Socks Non-slip grip socks with compression arches to support your feet. These socks are designed specifically for Pilates & yoga. They are made from high quality, breathable cotton with non-slip on the soles.
Diaphragmatic Breathing

The respiratory diaphragm is a dome or parachute shaped muscle that sits below the lungs, attaching to the sternum, lower ribs and even the vertebrae in the lumbar spine. As we breathe, the diaphragm contracts and draws down, allowing the lungs to expand with our inhalation. During the exhalation of our breath...

Exercise & Hypertension

Of Australians over 18 years of age, approximately one third have either diagnosed or undiagnosed hypertension. Hypertension is the medical term for having high blood pressure, a disease which if uncontrolled puts increased stress and strain on our heart and other parts of our cardiovascular system such as major arteries.