Neck Pain

'A pain in the neck' is an old saying referring to someone or something that is a source of annoyance or nuisance.  But taken more literally, neck pain can range from a bit of a nuisance to completely debilitating.  There is a range of causes including, but not limited to:

Exercise & Posture

When you neglect your posture,  you are putting yourself at risk of increased pain, discomfort and potential injury.  Rounding your lower back while sitting for extended periods of time, standing for hours stooped over, sleeping incorrectly and lifting poorly can all lead to potential postural deficits, not to mention aches and pains.  Having...


Posture is often the first thing we notice about people but the last thing we correct on ourselves even though it plays such an essential part during our day.  Whether it is sitting in a classroom, standing at a desk, playing sport or on the lounge watching TV, our posture contributes to the success or failure of the task.  Poor posture can...