Whether sitting, standing or even lying down, posture is often a highly scrutinised factor when it comes to conditions and pain related to the back, neck and shoulders.  But should it be?  More and more, current research is beginning to suggest that how you sit or stand does not matter as much as how long you stay in that position.  So rather...

Vertigo and Dizziness

Dizziness (including vertigo) is a common issue that can affect more than 5% of people across their lifetime.  Both dizziness and vertigo can occur for a wide range of reasons.  Dizziness and vertigo are often talked about in the same way but there are some key differences between the two.  Dizziness refers to a range of feelings such as...

Shin Splints

'Shin Splints' refers to an overuse inflammation of the outer coating of the tibia (shin bone), and the muscles attaching to the inner part of the tibia.  The pain may be caused by the tendons and muscles that run the length of the shin, pulling on the bone and creating inflammation.