Bursitis in inflammation of a bursa within the body which are closed, fluid filled sacks that are located wherever friction occurs between a tendon or muscle and the underlying bone.  There are many bursae thrgoughout the body including the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and heel.  If there is an imbalance within the joint, there will be excessive...

10 Facts About Muscles

1. Muscles are the driving force behind movement - when contracted they cause movement of a body part from one position to another.

2. Muscles have a very rich blood supply & will heal fatser relative to other tissue such as bone or tendon.

3. Muscles need lots of resources to...

Good Mental Health

Your body performs best when you are in good health but this doesn’t just mean physical health, we can often forget about the importance of our mental health. Wellbeing and good mental health means something different to everyone, but it is something we can all work on.  

Ways to improve your mental health and wellbeing...