Topical Anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) Gels for Pain Relief

At some stage most people have tried topical anti-inflammatory gels such as voltaren gel to reduce their pain and discomfort from an injury.  These rub-on gels promise tagreted pain relief and improved mobility.  But do these gels actually do what they promise and can they help you? 

Exercise & the Dreaded Winter Season

So many people find that they stop or reduce their exercise during the winter months.  Our days are shorter, it is colder, often windier and we can find ourselves not feeling as well.  Don't let this winter catch you out.  Remember that our needs for exercise don't change even though the season does.  The physical activity guidelines reccomend...

Managing Back and Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

During pregnancy many hormonal changes contribute to the range of symptoms women experience.  Although we can't change the hormones, we can implement strategies to help control the unwanted symptoms that frequently accompany pregnancy such as low back and pelvic pain.

Structures of the pelvis