Tension Headaches

Tension type headaches are the most common and widespread headache condition. Most of us would have experienced these headaches at one point. The onset can occur at any age.

Symptoms include:

Benefits of Stretching

Although it is frequently overlooked, stretching is an important part of any exercise program. The sustained postures we often hold at work can create tension through the muscles of the neck, shoulders, back and hips, leaving us stiff and sore at the end of the day. One of the easiest ways to combat muscle aches and pains following a gym...

Neck Pain

'A pain in the neck' is an old saying referring to someone or something that is a source of annoyance or nuisance.  But taken more literally, neck pain can range from a bit of a nuisance to completely debilitating.  There is a range of causes including, but not limited to: