A fracture is any break in continuity of any bone in the body
There are many types of fractures, for example stress, hairline, compression etc, and these types can be caused from a multitude of reasons, for example overuse, trauma and medical conditions such as osteoporosis. 

What is Stress?

The stress response, sometimes called out ‘fight, flight, or freeze response’, is controlled by a division of the nervous system called the autonomic nervous system. Much like its name suggests, this part of the nervous system functions automatically, producing responses in the body that are outside of our direct, conscious...

Face Masks & Jaw Pain

Thank you for helping our community by wearing masks and staying safe.  Many different mask types are available to fit all of our different styles and head shapes, but they still can get a bit annoying after a while.  Pressure on our ears, jaw, neck and sensitive scalp areas can trigger headaches and pain.  

Here are some ideas to...