Motivation. A word commonly expressed when discussing activity or exercise. Often, motivation or lack thereof, is stated as one of our main barriers to being active. However, motivation also holds the key to building long lasting habits and sustainable changes in our life. It affects us all in many different ways and in different aspects of our...

Annoying Niggles?

How do we work out what is just normal soreness or something more significant? 

How do you know when to report this to your coach/parent or see your local health professional? 

Research states that soccer players who reported a niggle were 3-7 times more likely to sustain an injury within 7 days.

What are Niggles? ...

Exercising at Home during Lockdown

If exercise is a part of your daily routine, you will know the impact that lockdowns can have on your ability to maintain consistency, and training progressions with limited access to your regular gym, sports centre or local sporting club. This article will aim to highlight the benefits of continuing training in modified ways, and how to...