Activity Pacing & Graded Exercise Therapy for CFS

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating condition that can affect young children through to adults. Characterised by unattributable fatigue, CFS sufferers can have symptoms such as muscle pain, poor sleep, concentration and memory issues along with severe levels of fatigue. These symptoms can affect many activities of daily living...

Discs Don’t Slip!

Within the health profession sector, we come across a lot of common injuries that occur to the spine and discs. These injuries can vary from the top of the spine, neck through to the bottom of the spine finishing in the lower back. Some common misconceptions surrounding discs are their fragility, that they can...

What Causes Injuries?

Technically speaking, injuries occur when a task or activity exceeds the body’s current capacity. But what does that actually mean? When we talk about injuries, we often refer to the body’s load tolerance – the ability of the body to cope with the stressors, forces, and activities we are exposed to throughout the day.