Running Training - Part 1

Running is an ability often taken for granted, and although it may seem like a straightforward task, there are many complexities that interplay to allow our bodies to run.  This article will outline some of the key features relating to the act of running that are important to consider, especially for individuals looking to return to running...


Balance is something that we all need in our everyday life.  Having good balance is crucial to nearly all our daily activities.  Some poeple have better balance then others, however, it is something you can improve.  Balance becomes even more important if we want to play sport, as we get older, or if we are injured.

Inflammation & Diet

What we eat can affect how we feel both emotionally & physically.  Current science suggests you can eat yourself "happy" and use certain foods to decrease inflammation in your body.  Research investigating the diet-disease relationship has supported a whole food diet approach.  These are foods in their natural form: fresh & unprocessed...