Within the yogic practice offered at the clinic, the strongest focus will be on Asana, with the goal of improving physical strength, flexibility and well-being. However, the other limbs of yogic practice, such as pranayama (breathing), dharana (intense concentration), and pratyhara (observation of internal thoughts and feelings), will be offered as additional options during practice. The practice of yoga can be as spiritual and meditative, as you feel comfortable making it. 

Mat Class

In this class, we will cover the foundations of the poses used in the sequence of a Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar). For those who have never participated in a yoga class before, this is a perfect starting point for your practice. In addition to this, the basic forms of the poses used in the intermediate sequence for the week will be broken down and taught at a beginner level. This is ideal both for those beginning their yoga practice and for anyone looking to refine their poses and perfect their alignment. 

Physical Requirements

It is recommended that you are able to kneel on all fours, as well as bear weight through your shoulders for short periods of time (such as in a plank or downward-facing dog).

Chair Yoga

All poses within the sequencing of this class will be performed from a seated position on a chair. This slower-paced class will work through simple variations of the week’s poses, encouraging mobility, flexibility and gentle strengthening of the body. This class is perfect for those with injuries or conditions that make it difficult to participate in the Beginner classes. 

Physical Requirements

Be able to sit in a chair. 

Current TImetable:

Please note: Class times may change please call the linic or book online to confirm times.