Nutritional medicine is a branch of allied healthcare that focuses on the role of nutrition in promoting and maintaining overall health, preventing diseases, and supporting the treatment of various medical conditions. It emphasises the concept that the food we consume plays a critical role in influencing our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Nutritional medicine combines principles from both conventional medicine and nutrition science to develop personalised approaches to health and healing.

  • Do you find yourself grappling with stress, fatigue, health issues, and difficulties retaining information and focus?
  • Have you received reassurances from various sources that nothing seems to be wrong?
  • Despite exploring a multitude of advice and information in the media, do you feel like you’ve tried everything without making progress?
  • Are you facing challenges related to your mental well-being, digestive health, hormonal balance, or pain management?

By delving into the root causes of our clients’ concerns, we aim to guide you towards a path where you can achieve a happier and healthier self.

Our Nutritionist specialises in:

  • Mental health (anxiety, depression)
  • Pain management (fibromyalgia)
  • Paediatric nutrition (ADHD/Autism, fussy eating, skin concerns, food intolerances)
  • Gut health (SIBO, IBS/IBD, food intolerances)
  • Autoimmune conditions (thyroid, arthritis, psoriasis)
  • Weight management (insulin resistance, relationship with food)


Unsure how we can help? 

Book a Free Health Check to discover how we can bring you back to health

  • Blood pressure check
  • Vitamin & Mineral status
  • Tongue, Skin & Nails analysis


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