Our clinical exercise classes are a controlled exercise program for strength, balance and flexibility without stressing joints.  A personal program designed around an individual's specific needs and goals means that you receive a safe and effective program to reach your goals faster.

Clinical Exercise Classes can assist with a number of problems including: 

  • Suffering from a current injury
  • Low exercise tolerance
  • Lack of balance/confidence
  • An irritable/chronic injury which is easily exacerbated
  • Post-surgery recovery


Clinical Exercise Classes can also be a useful tool for those who:

  • Wish to improve sporting performance
  • Wish to reduce injuries and correct muscle imbalances
  • Are over 64 years
  • Aspire to become more body confident
  • Wish to correct posture and reduce strain on over active muscles
  • Want to improve breathing patterns and help relax
  • Want to work on improving fitness in a supportive and safe environment