Our feet are the founation of our everyday lives.  Every good foundation must have the right support.  Most of our lives are spent in shoes.  Anyone can go out and buy a new pair of shoes based simply on how they look, but for the person who is always and always on their feet; good footwear is worth its weight in gold.  However, footwear goes far beyond the apperance that a shoe has on the foot.  Bad footwear can cause injuries or have long term effects on our posture so investing in a quality pair will be beneficial in the long run.

Good footwear can prevent back problems

Consider your feet as the base of a building, if the foundation is off the rest of the building is off.  Many people who experience back pain have it because of faulty or unsuitable footwear.  If the foot does not keep the back in proper alignment then there is a great probability that this misalignment over time will result in back problems.  Sometimes adding an insole is a good idea as this will cushion the hard impact of walking, puts your foot into a more neutral position and therefore takes away the stress travelling through your ankles up into your legs and lower back.

Good footwear is needed to protect your joints and minimize impact

Some of the most common sports injuries are ankle based which is why wearing supportive footwear is so important.  Many sports trainers have inbuilt shock absorbers for runners or joggers to cushion the impact.  Cushioning is most important so that you can reduce the likelihood of injuries, meaning you can carry on with your normal routine and work out more efficeintly with the peace of mind that you are doing the best you can to look after your body.  

Your footwear can impact your performance

Specific footwear is designed for specific sports meaning the shoe is designed to protect against certain movements and support the places that need it.  For example, basketball shoes will be designed for heavy impact for jumping and also have good ankle support for quick turns.  Having a shoe which knows your needs means you can play or workout more efficeintly knowing that you already reduced the risk of injury.

At the end of the day, footwear is worn to protect you!  Choose your shoe depending on the type of activity you will be most involved with as it will be designed to handle those movements.  Always try on footwear with correct socks e.g. sports socks or the ones you will be wearing when you work out.  If you are not sure what to look for in a fitness shoe - ask the staff as they should be educated in helping you to find the best shoe for you.  And listen to your feet - if you try them on and your feet say NO, try another pair until you find the perfect fit.