GLA:D (Good Life with osteoarthritis in Denmark)

As the name suggests, GLA:D is a program that is targeted at individuals with /whom have knee and or hip Osteoarthritis (OA) symptoms. It was originally created in Denmark and has had great results since its inception which has led to its adaptation and running of programs in Australia.

GLA:D is a 6 week program involving exercise and education. Throughout this 6 week time frame there are x2 a week 1 hourly exercise sessions, run by a GLA:D trained physiotherapist as well as 2 education sessions. The education sessions aim to provide osteoarthritis sufferers information about their condition and the best way to manage their OA day to day.

The overall aim of the GLA:D program is providing to clients increased knowledge about OA, strengthening their joints, improve confidence, prevent symptom progression, and reduce pain.

You don’t need a scan to confirm a diagnosis of OA, your GLA:D physio practitioner can diagnose for OA symptoms and assess if you are appropriate for the program.