1:1 Intro Session - 45min Telehealth 

Claimable on private health insurance

  • Identify your personal goals as well as any specific areas requiring attention during classes 
  • Involves a full assessment as well as a short Pilates session introducing the basic principles and movements of Pilates
  • Learn how to activate your core and rehab your pelvic floor
  • For those wanting a more personalised approach or those with more significant rehab requirements 1:1 sessions can be ongoing

Online Classes - 1hr Telehealth

  • All from the comfort and safety of your own home! No more missing classes due to last minute nappy changes, grizzly babies or uncooperative toddlers! 
  • Postnatal classes are run by a qualified physiotherapist who provides individualised feedback on exercises and  
  • We encourage baby participation with fun exercises that include your little one 
  • Focus on pelvic floor and core activation during classes