Exercise during the child-bearing stage is incredibly important for both mothers and their little ones. However, it can be difficult for many pregnant and postnatal mothers to determine the safest and most effective exercise for their current stage. Lara Physiotherapy can help! 

1:1 Session - 30min In-person/Telehealth 

Claimable on private health insurance

  • Advised for antenatal clients before commencing exercise or postnatal clients with more complex rehabilitation needs
  • Identify your personal goals as well as any specific areas requiring attention during classes 
  • Involves a full assessment as well as a short Pilates session introducing the basic principles and movements of Pilates
  • Learn how to activate your core and rehab your pelvic floor
  • For those wanting a more personalised approach, or those with more significant rehab requirements, 1:1 sessions can be ongoing. 


Mums & Bubs Pilates – 1hr In-Person Class

Claimable on private health insurance

  • These low impact classes are an excellent way of returning to exercise and are suitable for all exercise levels. They’re also a great way to meet other local Mums! 
  • With qualified, physiotherapist guidance we focus on regaining pelvic and core control as well as general strength and conditioning
  • We encourage baby participation with fun exercises that include your little one 
  • Babies of all ages are welcome however mums are responsible for monitoring mobile bubs to make sure they don’t get into any mischief! 
  • Classes are held at a local hall with plenty of room to move 


Online Postnatal Pilates - 1hr Telehealth Class

  • All from the comfort and safety of your own home! No more missing classes due to last minute nappy changes, grizzly babies or uncooperative toddlers! 
  • Postnatal classes are run by a qualified physiotherapist who provides individualised feedback and can modify exercises to suit your needs
  • We encourage baby participation with fun exercises that include your little one 
  • Focus on pelvic floor and core activation during classes


We also offer in-person Clinical Exercise Classes throughout the week which can be modified for your specific needs.