Your tendons are the strong elastic pieces of tissue that connect your muscles to the bone and allow them to create movement, when these tissues get overloaded, they can cause pain similar to many other structures in your body. Tendinopathy is a term used to describe a tendon that is painful or not functioning well and includes but is not...

Osgood Schlatter Syndrome

Osgood Schlatter Syndrome is commonly seen in growing adolescences and affects the area below the knee, in particular the tibial tuberosity which is an elevation of bone where the patella tendon attaches. It is characterised by localised pain, swelling and tenderness to this area resulting from increased tension and repetitive strain leading to...


A fracture is any break in continuity of any bone in the body
There are many types of fractures, for example stress, hairline, compression etc, and these types can be caused from a multitude of reasons, for example overuse, trauma and medical conditions such as osteoporosis.