Good Mental Health

Your body performs best when you are in good health but this doesn’t just mean physical health, we can often forget about the importance of our mental health. Wellbeing and good mental health means something different to everyone, but it is something we can all work on.  

Ways to improve your mental health and wellbeing...

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is an incredibly prevalent condition that an overwhelming majority of people will experience at least once in their lifetime. Low back pain is not a condition on its own, but rather is considered to be a symptom that may relate to a number of different conditions. Some of the common causes of low back pain are:

Runner's Knee

Have you ever experienced pain on or around the knee cap and or knee?  Has it made it uncomfortable to run, go upstairs or sit for a long time?  You may have runner’s knee…

What is it?

Runner’s knee or patella femoral pain syndrome is a broad term used to describe pain coming from the patella (knee cap) due to...