Step 1

Ensure you and others are safe and not going to cause any further damage/injury.  This can include simple things such as receiving first aid & stopping any further lifting etc.

Step 2

Report the incident to your OHS representative/employer.  Regardless of whether an injury is minor or severe, you should always report and document your injury/incident.  This enables a workcover claim to be lodged if necessary and provides an opportunity for the workplace to implement changes and reduce the risk of a similar injury/incident reoccuring.  The documentation will also serve as a legal document if required.

Step 3

Contact your GP for primary or follow up care.  If a workcover claim has ben commenced they will be able to provide a certificate of capacity which will act as your legal restrictions/requirements for work capacity.

Step 4

Follow up care with other allied health/medical professionals (e.g. psychology, physiotherapy).  This step will allow the healing and rehabilitation of the body & mind to get back to work in a safe and structured way.

Step 5

Returning to work - there should be strategies and modifactions in place as needed.  You should build up your hours and duties within the guidelines discussed and agreed upon with your GP/health professional.

In summary:

1. Remove yourself & others from danger/risk from further injury

2. Record/document the incident

3. Seek primary care - GP

4. Seek further treatment or advice if needed

5. Get back to work in a safe and suitable way

This article provides general advice only, and is designed to give a brief outline of what could be done to help recovery and return to work following an injury.