In a time of pandemic and lockdowns, exercise can be easily neglected, and gyms, sporting clubs and parks are all out of access. Exercise is proven to improve cardiorespiratory function, improve strength and mobility, and help alleviate & manage pain. With this in mind it is important to keep yourself motivated to work out and stay fit & healthy during these times.

If you have floor space (yoga mat = bonus points), some light hand-weights (cans of tomato soup will do just fine), then you have a great platform to perform a wide variety of movements & exercises that can be targeted to specific injuries/body areas, or work on the general fitness and strength of the entire body. 

NOTE: Keep in mind if you haven’t done a lot of floor-based exercises/strengthening before, you need to pay attention to your body position and if you are getting pain/discomfort whilst exercising, try and modify the intensity or your position slightly to manage symptoms. 

Suggestions for home-based exercises: 

1. Squats - Reduce depth to make it easier, or try on one leg to make it harder

2. Lunges - Reduce depth to make it easier, or add in a hold to make it harder

3. Push Up - Hands on chair & feet on floor to make easier, wall push ups for easier again

4. Arm Raises - holding a book, or can of tomatoes try slowly raising arms sideways until they line up with your shoulders. Hold 3 seconds and relax

5. Overhead Shoulder Press - elbows pointing to side, hands next to ears, push hands towards ceiling until elbows are straight (holding onto either can of soup, milk bottle etc.)

6. Plank Hold - On knees makes it easier, or can go on an angle by having elbows resting on a seat while knees/feet are on the floor.

There are also plenty of good online resources available as groups are now going online. You can also access some great tools/resources via youtube. If you are struggling for motivation or ideas for progressions make sure to utilise these options.