If you want to be healthier, look vibrant and have more energy….it’s time to get out there and exercise.  Don’t leave it till next week or make excuses.

  1. Make it part of your routine – Accept that you need to exercise 5 times per week so adjust your schedule.
  2. Be honest with yourself – Your jeans haven’t shrunk in winter and summer clothing won’t hide your ‘jiggly’ bits
  3. You may not feel like getting out of bed, but know that ‘Post Exercise Mood Booster’ is waiting for you.
  4. Tap into friends support.  If you’re meeting someone there it helps keep both of you committed.
  5. Every minute counts – Busy people may need to do exercise in 10-20min bursts.  That brisk walk to the train or shops still adds up.
  6. Commit to your plan – Set a goal and write it down in a public place.  Make sure you mark off your exercise journey along the way. Little rewards or stars help reinforce progress.
  7. Music is a great energiser – Even the housework can work up a positive sweat when done to a power playlist.
  8. Buy an exercise outfit – Supportive shoes will soften jarring and something bright and sporty will get your head ready.
  9. Hold yourself well – Good posture lifts your body, energises your core muscles and actually makes you look a size smaller.
  10. Push out of your comfort zone – You can’t trick your muscles.  The only way to improve your fitness, strength and lose weight is to push past comfortable. Gradually increase speed and power in your exercise.  Be competitive and challenge yourself.


You will start to feel better after every workout as your body releases natural endorphins.  In 1 week your cardiovascular fitness will be better.  In 2 weeks your sleep patterns will improve.  In 3 weeks your energy will be better.  In 4 weeks your skin will be glowing.  In 5 weeks those jeans might just fit again and in 6 weeks your muscles will be looking more sculpted and strong.

 Come and see our Health Team of Physios, Massage Therapists, Myotherapists and Exercise Physiologists to tailor a Spring Exercise Program for you.