Have you ever experienced pain on or around the knee cap and or knee?  Has it made it uncomfortable to run, go upstairs or sit for a long time?  You may have runner’s knee…

What is it?

Runner’s knee or patella femoral pain syndrome is a broad term used to describe pain coming from the patella (knee cap) due to dysfunction within the joint.  The pain is often felt at the front of the knee but can also be felt behind the knee as well. 

What can cause it?

One of the most common causes of runner’s knee is the patella not tracking in it’s grove correctly.  This can be due to overuse, overload, structural abnormalities, trauma, muscular weakness or muscular imbalance.  

Why should you treat it?

  • If left untreated, the factors causing runner’s knee can result in more serious knee injuries
  • Pain can lead to an increase in sedentary lifestyle which can impact many areas of your health and wellbeing.


An assessment to determine if you have runner’s knee should only take 30 minutes and may include a few simple elements such as:

  • A discussion around the history of the pain 
  • Functional tasks (e.g. sitting to standing, walking, stairs, squats)
  • A closer look at the strength in your legs
  • The knee cap position and how it moves


Treatment options can be very simple and effective and may include:

  • Massage or manual therapies to release tight muscles
  • Strengthening exercises for areas identified to have weakness
  • Taping of the knee cap and/or orthotics to assist overall leg alignment