Thank you for helping our community by wearing masks and staying safe.  Many different mask types are available to fit all of our different styles and head shapes, but they still can get a bit annoying after a while.  Pressure on our ears, jaw, neck and sensitive scalp areas can trigger headaches and pain.  

Here are some ideas to help make your day more comfortable when wearing your mask.

1. Make sure the elastic is not too tight on your ears – maybe extend with hair ties if too tight.

2. Mask mates, ear savers or clips to hook elastic behind head can shift pressure off ears and change angle of pull for extra comfort.

3. Try to find a mask wide enough for you to open your mouth without pushing your jaw backwards.  This will stop jaw ache and allow more normal speaking.

4. Regular stretches for your neck and shoulders are really important.  You can also move your jaw side to side and open and close mouth to ease muscles.

5. Posture is important especially when sitting.  Masks can make you feel hunched and pull your head forwards.  Draw up tall and imagine balancing a book on your head.

6. Gentle massage can help relieve tension spots in neck, face and temples.  

7. Heat packs on neck and shoulders can relieve muscle tightness and help reduce pain.

8. Try breathing as normally as possible.  It’s tempting to gasp and just breath through your mouth, but you should be able to do normal nose breathing with a little practice and this will reduce glasses fogging up also.

9. Jaw relaxation is important.  Try stretching the tip of your tongue onto the roof of your mouth and don’t let your teeth to be touching at rest.

10. Smile even though you think we can’t see it. A smile will still show in your eyes and relaxes some of your facial muscles and stimulates your positive brain endorphins.