It’s getting to that time of year again when the weather turns, the days get shorter and colder and the motivation to exercise starts to drop off. While it may seem easier to stay inside during winter it is still so important to keep moving for both your physical and mental health! So how do you keep driven to continue exercising when all you feel like doing is snuggling up inside? Here are a few tips to keep you moving through the cooler seasons: 

1. Keep accountable:

Try exercising with a friend or family member, or sign up to a gym program or group class. Having someone else relying on you can help keep you motivated even on the coldest of days! It can also be a great distraction from the weather when you’re exercising with someone else. 

2. Be prepared when exercising outdoors: 

Watch the forecast – if you know the weather, you can choose your activity and attire accordingly 

Dress DRY not just WARM – when choosing clothes, layer up and make sure your inner layer is moisture-wicking to draw moisture away from the body. Even in winter you sweat so this will help to keep you warm. Additional layers on the extremities, like your ears and hands, can help to keep you warm before your body starts to heat up from the exercise

Wear bright colours for safety – especially if exercising in the early morning or evening when it is darker than usual

Warm up first – start with a short walk, light jog or even a few star jumps to warm the body up before commencing your exercise

3. Remember to stay hydrated 

It can be easy to forget to drink enough water in winter but it is still just as important to stay hydrated.

4. If being outdoors during winter isn’t for you, try a change of scenery

Join a local gym, yoga or Pilates class indoors or head to the indoor heated pool for something different. 

Hopefully these tips can help to keep you moving until Spring brings back the warmer weather!