So many people find that they stop or reduce their exercise during the winter months.  Our days are shorter, it is colder, often windier and we can find ourselves not feeling as well.  Don't let this winter catch you out.  Remember that our needs for exercise don't change even though the season does.  The physical activity guidelines reccomend that we need at least 150 hours of physical activity each week, and this needs to include at least 2 sessions of strength work, so here are some ideas to help motive you to keep exercising this winter:

  • Be positive, don't focus on the idea that it is too cold, or raining, instead think about how to manage it.  Exercise with a friend, in a gym/indoors or invest in an exercise bike and watch TV or listen to your favourite music while you work out.
  • Go straight to the gym after work or change when you get home and get started straight away.  Get your gear ready the night before so you have no excuses.
  • Make the most of every moment; it can be a lot colder in the morning or really dark at night when you get home.  Take a longer lunch break and work out at lunch, walk the stairs or outside when the weather permits.
  • If you do become unwell, be smart with your exercise choices.  Whilst sometimes it is ok to continue to exercise, you may also need to reduce your intensity and/or the type of exercise.  Try to keep stretching until you are feeling better, and then gradually build up again.
  • Exercise with a friend.  Meet in the stair well for a shorter session of more vigorous exercise, take the stairs to meet for lunch/coffee or join an indoor sporting team.
  • Try exercising in a warm place such as an indoor pool, try bikram yoa or something else new, walk for 30 minutes inside the local shopping centre before you do your groceries.
  • Include your housework, think of the vacuum cleaner & mop as a good vigorous exercis for your heart and upper body.  Adding music can help too.

Challenge yourself to be better this winter, stay fit, health & toned.  Try some of these ideas and you will feel better for it.